Photos supplied by Kellogg’s

Kellogg's Centenary Anniversary

What an awesome project this was. I absolutely loved working with the Kellogg’s team to develop a variable Corn Flakes pack for their 100 anniversary in the UK. I created a total of 12 variable channels utilising HP SmartStream Designer capabilities. I used the fab posters designed by Landor, combined them into colour schemed patterns and created a variable Cornileus the Cockrel on the front. I then created a giant (massive file!) retro wallpaper for the back of pack image using the old imagery from past adverts and marketing campaigns. In addition, I celebrated the Landor posters on the side with 2 variable image channels to display 2 at a time on each box. I used the retro characters to vary in the new Kellogg’s 100 logo and finally, I added a counter to create the unique 2022 packs, to really display how individual they are!

It was a pleasure working with the team and loved attending the VIP event in Manchester to see my work all over the place, even bigger than me!

Photographer Andrew Hobbs                                                 

Mondelez: Cadbury Dairy Milk x Premier League Variable Bars

Second Generation project starting with the first Liverpool bars project (above), spanning to all of the Premier League clubs. A continuing collaboration between HP and SGSco, Marks, and Mondelez. Having spent the time creating the Variable Design strategy on the Liverpool FC graphics, the brand were able to take the template created and copy paste for each of the clubs in the Premier League. This is a perfect example of a brand using a Digital Print campaign to it’s fullest. Each bar had specifically designed square and rectangular elements, all with quotes, players, songs, chants etc. relating to that club. These were placed in the variable design template using HP SmartStream Designer through a coded database and the 10000s of designs were created. Marks, the design agency, created the assets for these great campaigns and were a very dynamic agency to work with.

Photographs supplied by Abel Sanchez Hermosilla-Martinez

Mondo del Vino: Itinera

In collaboration with Eurostampa, a world-wide print supplier, we created a bespoke set of 3 x 1000 labels for B2B customers for an event in Italy, hosted by the Eurostampa and Mondo del Vino cooperative. These labels were printed with HP Indigo with the concept called “Dusk to Dawn”. The brand is passionate about the stars and wayfinding so we wanted to create a label that showed how the sky at night changes each night by 1°. Each night, you look to the stars and the sky is ever so slightly different, even if it isn’t to the naked eye. We wanted to combine this with a a variable gradient background replicating the different colours in the sky. We overlaid both of these elements and varied them using HP Mosaic to create dynamic labels. We added a variable counter on the labels to give each bottle a exclusive feel knowing that no 2 bottles are the same. Static elements included the foil effect of the vineyard where we wanted to replicate the star and moon light shining against the vines.

Photos by Paul Regan, Del Posner and taken from the Vogue website

Vogue: 1 Year Anniversary of Edward Enninful at British Vogue

Whilst at HP, we created 250 personalised British Vogue  December 2018 edition magazines. These were for all the celebrities and attendees to the 1st anniversary party of Edward Enninful as British Vogue Editor-In-Chief at the National Gallery in London.

To do this project, we pitched a variable cover with many different elements of variable data including personalisation, digital watermarking and an AR experience. The client was blown away by the flexibility however we kept it simple for the final cover with a variable name with 5 different cover photos. 
We had the pleasure of attending the event and are featured on Vogue’s website.

Final Concept Renders collaborated with Marks and Deldea

Milka Netherlands: 120 Tenderness Messages

A collaborative project between Marks, the design agency, HP, Flexicon, Mondelez, HP and Deldea, we created a variable Milka pack in 2 sizes, 100g & 270g bars. These packs each had 1 of 120 messages and 6 different image catagories. Each pack also came in different quantities totally 2.5M packs which were then randomised so that in production, packaging and distribution, each box had a random selection of bars. In this project, Marks did the design and concept, I managed the variable design strategy and design to print process with HP assisting in the digital print technical side. I created a giant database to reflect what the client wanted in their variable output. 

Pictures supplied by Roger White of FE Burman and Andrew Hobbs Sept 2020

HP Brands and Agencies Playbook: Reinventing Creativity

HP Graphic Arts Brands and Agencies Playbook: Reinventing Creativity project was a full on, cover to cover design by Delyth Posner whilst working with HP Graphic Arts. The HP Graphic Arts team are all about “humanising technology” and it takes Marketeers, Brands, Design Agencies and Print Suppliers through an immersive journey about Reinventing Creativity through a beautifully designed book, printed with HP Indigo technology and on 100% PCW paper. This sustainable book portrays how HP Indigo is the sustainable solution for printed material without compromising on colour, quality and graphical impact.

The covers were made by the designer, Delyth, painting a vast B2 watercolour painting. This was then scanned using a HP DesignJet scanner in 600dpi high definition detail into a PDF. Using HP SmartStream Designer for InDesign, she added the PDF to an HP Mosaic variable channel to create 500 unique and one of a kind covers that captures one section of the B2 painting. The colours are vibrant seamlessly flowing to the back cover creating a beautiful, art piece of it’s own.

Photographs by Del Posner

Staines Amateur Regatta Programmes 2021

Staines Amateur Regatta celebrated their 170 year anniversary in July 2021. The Staines stretch of the Thames is so beautiful that why don’t we show off it’s beauty? We took photos every 10 seconds along the 3.5km stretch of river between the Runnymede and Penton Hook locks and applied, via HP SmartStream Designer, a variable image cover. Each one was numbered to show their exclusivity. It was a great passion project for us as former rowers of Staines Boat Club, the organisers of the regatta. The committee loved them so much, they are already talking about what they can do next year! 

Pictures supplied by Guy Bibi of HP and Nicholas R. of Cadbury from LinkedIn Sept 2020

Mondelez: Cadbury Dairy Milk x Liverpool FC Variable Bars

Collaborating between HP and SGSco, Marks, and Mondelez, we had a great project proposal ahead of us with the Cadbury Dairy Milk becoming the official sponsor of Liverpool FC. This project enabled with SGSco and Marks, the design agency, both of which hadn’t worked with HP Digital Print before. Our engagement took them from the beginning, training them to understand the capabilities and tools to create some epic variable design. Then we trained them on HP SmartStream Designer for Illustrator so that they understood how it will be created. They brought back ideas that then we helped shape into the final concept, showing them how we could execute the final design.